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Artist Name : Ananya Banerjee

10 Artworks

Ananya Banerjee 30 x 60 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 36 x 30 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 36 x 30 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 40 x 28 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 30 x 60 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 8 x 14 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 48 x 24 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 24 x 36 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 12 x 40 Inches

Ananya Banerjee 20 x 24 Inches

Ananya Banerjee

About the Artist :

With a double graduation in commerce and law, both from the University of Calcutta, Ananya is a trained artist who did her diploma in fine arts from Birla Academy of Fine Arts in the city and later from Academy of Arts, Romford in England, followed by short courses in fine art and sculpture in Germany at Dusseldorf and Volkhochschule. She paints in oil, acrylic, charcoal, conte, crayons and mixed media on canvas and paper in varied shapes and sizes. She believes, when GOD wants to express something, he creates artists. And for her it is the inner expression, the joy to create , admire and cherish. It is the greatest gift a human can ask for.


Diploma in Fine Arts from Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata;
Diploma from Academy of Arts, Romford, England;
Courses at Volkhochschule (German Government College), Dusseldorf, Germany


Mumbai :
Taj art gallery
Mahalsa art gallery
Bajaj Art Gallery
Gallery leela
Museum Art Gallery
Kolkata :
Sanskriti Art Gallery
Chitakut Art Gallery
Bangalore :
Renaissance gallery
Chitrakala parishad
Germany :
Galerie"SaintTropez", Dusseldorf,
Bei Fatty, Dusseldorf
Stadbucherai Dusseldorf (State library)
Gemeindezuntrum Nettetal, Looberich,
Stadsparkasse, Bad Camberg
Paris :
Rue Carnot, Montmorency, France
Holland :
Gallery Vogelvrij, Roermond


Germany :
Participant in the State sponsored prestigious Art Show known As "Kunstpunkten" (an open Gallery through - out the city of Dusseldorf),
"Artists Helping Children in Afghanistan", Schadowstrasse, Dusseldorf
Mumbai :
Jehangir Art Gallery
Crymroza Art Gallery
Gallery Art and Soul
Bangalore :
Renaissance art gallery
Chitrakala parishad
Delhi :
Art Positive gallery
Kolkata :
Birla academy of fine arts

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