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Artist Name : Dipti Bondre

3 Artworks

Dipti Bondre 84 x 48 Inches

Dipti Bondre 36 x 36 Inches

Dipti Bondre 48 x 72 Inches

Dipti Bondre

About the Artist :

I can eternally play with light and light sources but therein lies the challenge for a post-object artist: How can one create something powerful enough to engage and move viewers without resorting to entertainment?
On my recent art residency scholarship in Berlin and extended travel through Europe and visits to most of the museums, as well as my thirst for a historical perspective,I was drawn back more to my core as an Indian.
Yantras and symbols which I have grown up with and which were embedded in my subconscious, started emerging in my work which manifested itself in a new body and I exhibited these, in two shows in Berlin.
I have been working on two different bodies of work since my return a year ago.
Chronicles of Bosphorous- which explores the unity in two old cultures and civilizations through sacred geometry.
Glow- An abstract body of works using gold foil in layers to create a sensation of time and space as it manifests in music.


987-92: BFA (Drawing and Painting) Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai
1995-95: Diploma (Ceramics/Pottery) Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

1995-96: MFA (Computer Graphics) Centre for Development of Advance Computing, Pune
2015: Diploma (Serigraphy) Scuola Internazionale di graficia de Venezia, Venice


2015: Rasa- The Monalisa Kalagram, Pune.
2011: The Third Dimension- Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai.
2010: White noise- Upper Westchester, New York.
2010: Tianu world at Tianu - The furniture company, Mumbai
2009: Epiphany-2nd Oct to 26th Oct. Debut show at Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai


2015: The 37791 wall- Kashish & Gallery Beyond- Mumbai 2015: Currenta- Art festival- Dubai
2014: CAC- Curated by Three Blind Mice- Taj Lands end Mumbai
2013: Functional Art- BBC Good Homes- Raghuvanshi Mills -Mumbai 2013: Trace of existence- Cellar gallery, Berlin
2013: Naturlich- Tapir gallery, Berlin.
2013: Palette 13-Edelweiss-Edelgive foundation Alibaug-Mumbai 2013: Merry Go Round ,IGNCA, New Delhi
2012: ArtPromo,Contemporary Artfest,Chennai.
2012: A point & line to plane VIII,Gallery Beyond,Mumbai 2012: ICAC Art exhibition, Mumbai
2011: Whatssup Mumbai- Times of India open air art festival-Mumbai
2010: Four journeys at Vytlacil campus, New York 2010: Journey V at Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai
2007: Trance forme Designs Studio , Mumbai
1992: Monsoon Show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 1992: Kala Mela, Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai
1991: Kala Mela, Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai
1990: Kala Mela, Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai
1990: Raj Bhavan, Mumbai (Ten paintings selected for Maharashtra State Art Award)
1989: Kala Mela, Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai 1988: Kala Mela, Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai


2015: Scuola Internazionale Di Graficia de Venezia- Art Residency for Two months- Collateral project of Venice Biennale- Venice
2013: Takt Art residency for Six months-Berlin.
2012: Member of vocational training team (creative) to Austria- Rotary initiative.
2011: Acquired patent for invention of “Image that changes with light”.
2010:Vytlacil Valcav Residency scholarship-Art Students League of New York, New Y ork
1992:'Innovative & Path Breaking Painting', Monsoon Show, Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai
1990: Maharashtra State Art Award, (Raj Bhavan)- Mumbai
1987: Awarded third Prize in all India poster Competition on campaign against drugs, by the education ministry.

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