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Artist Name : Dr. Balesh Jindal

6 Artworks

Dr. Balesh Jindal 14 x 22 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal 14 x 22 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal 48 x 60 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal 45 x 50 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal 24 x 28 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal 22 x 28 Inches

Dr. Balesh Jindal

About the Artist :

Balesh is a doctor by profession, yet she has been painting for the past twenty five years. Balesh has had many group and Solo shows in Delhi and many cities of India and abroad. Her paintings adorn the walls of numerous prominent art collectors within the country and abroad. Her home was featured on the cover of a leading design magazine in October 2013. Balesh had a three city show in South Africa in 2012 and recently she had a successful solo show at the Visual Art Gallery and one at the Nehru Centre, London sponsored by ICCR. She generally refrains from titling her paintings because she finds that a word, or phrase, can never truly articulate the emotion; she does, however, accompany her paintings with a verse. Balesh has honed her skills with the palette knife. Her works have a very rich texture and luminosity as her work combines the art of painting and sculpture on paper and canvas .Her works have a romance in them that is difficult to describe yet can be felt as one views her works and gets transported to the imaginary world of story telling . The obvious question is why a doctor would feel the need to paint. ‘Why not ‘says Balesh .It is most natural for a doctor to feel the need to express her self when one is inundated with so much suffering, so much misery, so much observation of the human race. Watching the best of people fall to the lowest depths and the worst of them rise to saintly levels of goodness. The mind is numbed by questions and doubts and then all one can do is turn to art.
Why figurative? I have been asked over and over again. People, and the way they live and behave is my profession and my passion and as Jean Paul Sartre said
‘Everything has been figured out,
Except how to live!’


MBBS.PG cert. in Adolescent Psych. USA,
Senior health consultant.
Artist for twenty years.


More than forty solo shows more notable are the shows in London Nehru Centre, Visual Art Gallery.


More than fifty group shows more notable the group show in three cities in South Africa sponsored by ICCR.


Chosen for the Award for Compassion (from people over 200 countries and 250,000 participants) and was invited by Stanford University to meet the Dalai Lama in 2014.

Presented His Holiness the Dalai Lama with her painting.

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