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Artist Name : Mahua Ray

6 Artworks

Mahua Ray 17 x 11 Inches

Mahua Ray 18 x 30 Inches

Mahua Ray 30 x 38 Inches

Mahua Ray 30 x 38 Inches

Mahua Ray 33 x 26 Inches

Mahua Ray 30 x 38 Inches

Mahua Ray

About the Artist :

A painter turned sculptor, a teacher and trainer a creative mentor personified

Mahua started to paint and learn alphabet almost at the same time. The passion within grew and eventually after completing schooling she joined Birla Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata to learn the science of art. Not only she passed out with distinction, she received very high praises from the critique and the legends alike. Even a sculptor like Depiprasad Chattopadhyay commented on her work very patronisingly while giving away the first prize in one of the competitions.
Mahua almost single handedly built up the Art department in Singapore International School. Because of her other art engagements she never took up a full time job but for seven long years she added art as a holistic learning tool to Singapore International School and today the school attracts a lot of students because they and their parents want holistic learning and not just good results from education. Today Mahua teaches students from all classes, conducts workshops for students with artistic bend of mind and then teaches and trains them to create art using clay and their own hands. Needless to say a lot of the students work has earned a lot of good review and has transformed the students academically. Today she is an integral part of the school management especially when it comes to attracting new students every year. While carrying out her teaching assignments Mahua remain rooted to her passion and continued working with clay. She opened her own studio and slowly started to get recognition from both India and abroad. She almost routinely gets invited to display her work at esteemed galleries like Jehangir Art Gallery, Prince of Wales Museum etc. Besides she has also started participating in Global Art exhibitions. Starting with New York in the past she took part in an Art exhibition which was only for Indian artists across painters and sculptors alike. This year in May she has been invited to participate in a few key At Exhibitions by Indian Artist. While the first one was in London two were in Paris. While in Paris, the world famous Painter Sahabuddin visited Mahua’s exhibition and critically acclaimed her work. Sahabuddin also he has added some of Mahua’s outstanding work in his collection for display.

She is confident of turning a curriculum which aims to provide world class holistic education to create true global citizens. Her experience in Singapore International School has truely moulded her to think in this way which helps the school not only attract students from the best of families but also from families who are willing to spend enough for the same


M.A in Education, University of Calcutta
B.Ed, University of Calcutta

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