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Artist Name : Palash Halder

9 Artworks

Palash Halder 72 x 36 Inches

Palash Halder 48 x 36 Inches

Palash Halder 48 x 60 Inches

Palash Halder 60 x 60 Inches

Palash Halder 58 x 48 Inches

Palash Halder 54 x 52 Inches

Palash Halder 54 x 52 Inches

Palash Halder 48 x 60 Inches

Palash Halder 36 x 44 Inches

Palash Halder

About the Artist :

Born on 21st Dec 1976 in West Bengal, Palash Halder, completed B.A. from Kolkata University in 1996 and B.V.A from .Rabindra Bharati University in 2001. Soon after completing his education this young and talented artist, who wanted to express his innermost feelings about the world around him through his canvases, started participating in Art festivals and shows. From 1996 to 1999 he participated in shows organized by Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata). In 1998 he participated at Salt Lake Show (Kolkata) and in 2001 – 2002 in Jorasanko R.B.U.(Kolkata).In 2007 he participated in Concern India Show (Bangalore) and Mumbai Art Society Show (Mumbai). From 2008- 2011 he participated in Bajaj Monsoon Show (Mumbai). He participated in Chatak Show, Nehru Centre , Mumbai in 2009 and Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata)in 2009 – 2010.As recent as 2013 he participated in India Art Festival, Nehru Centre (Mumbai).

His works have been appreciated by art lovers, art fraternity and his contribution to art has been encouraged and appreciated through various awards. He won first prize in painting in 2000 and 20001 in Inter University Competition (East Zone and National). In 2009, he won All India Atul Bose Academy Award.

Deeply moved by the persistent and burning issues of our society, existence and co-existence of human with contrast ideologies, degenerating philosophies with the passage of time, along with innumerable personal experiences that inspire the artist, he uses the canvas to vent out and express agony of existence, concern towards intense struggle for survival and many other emotions that emerge as a reflection of the current state of our society. Through his canvases, he yearns to seek answers to his questions that have affected his sensitive being and inspired him to use these issues as a core subject of his works. His canvases are the manifestation of the deeper pain and agony within him, continuously presented to the viewers through a series of one man and group shows.
In 2008 he exhibited his solo works at Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai) and Nehru Centre Art Gallery (Mumbai) .In 2011, his solo shows were held at Hotel Taj Krishna (Hyderabad) and D D Neroy Art Gallery (Mumbai). In 2013, Palash exhibited his collection of solo works at Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai) and most recently in 2014; his solo works have been exhibited at Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai).

Palash has also exhibited his works in many cities across India and abroad, through group shows. He participated in a group show held in Dubai in 2004. In 2006 his works were exhibited at Chemould Art Gallery (Kolkata).In 2007, Artist Centre Gallery (Mumbai), Atelier Art Gallery (Mumbai), Kalahita Art Foundation (Hyderabad), Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore) displayed his works through group shows. In 2008, his canvases were displayed in group shows at Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai), Gallerie Sejal Encasa (Mumbai), D.D. Neroy Gallery (Mumbai), and Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore). In 2009 Palash’s works were a part of group shows at Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore), Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai) Mon Art Gallery (Kolkata), Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai), Planet Art Gallery (Delhi), Art Mall (Delhi), Napeansea Studio (Mumbai). In 2010, Palash participated in group shows held at Sonar Bangla (Kolkata), Artist Centre (Mumbai), Renaissance Art Gallery( Bangalore), Academi Of Fine Arts ( Kolkata), Art Maestros (Delhi), Lalit Kala Akademi (Delhi), 26 /11 show, DD Neroy. (Mumbai).In 2011 he participated in a group show held by Lokayata Art Gallery (Delhi). In 2012 Aks Art Gallery (Mumbai) and Museum Art Gallery (Mumbai) showcased his works as a part of group shows. In 2013, Palash participated in India Art Festival (Mumbai). And most recently in 2014 his works were part of a group show held at Museum Art Gallery (Artland Gallery, Mumbai).

His journey continues with some old & new mediums of expression. He moves through the pages of life always learning, always wanting the beauty of simplicity in life to return. He believes that imagination is stronger than knowledge. He believes that dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experiences………..

His works are in collection of RPG Group, Bajaj Group and with many other private collectors in India & abroad.


2001 (B.V.A).Rabindra Bharati University.
1996 (B.A) Kolkata University


2014 : Bajaj Art Gallery (JS art gallery, Mumbai)
2013 : Jehangir Art Gallery {Mumbai)
2011 : DD Neroy Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2011 : Hotel Taj Krishna (Hyderabad)
2008 : Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2008 : Nehru Centre AC Art Gallery (Mumbai


2014 : Musume Art Gallery (Artland gallery, Mumbai)
2013 : India Art Festival ( Mumbai)
2012 : Aks Art Gallery (mumbai)
2012 : Mesume Art Gallery (mumbai)
2011 : Lokayata Art Gallery (Delhi)
2010 : Sonar Bangla ( Kolkata)
2010 : Artist Centre ( Mumbai)
2010 : Renaissance Art Gallery( Bangalore)
2010 : Academi Of Fine Arts ( Kolkata)
2010 : Art Maestros (Delhi)
2010 : Lalit Kala Akademi (Delhi)
2010 : 26 /11 show, DD Neroy. (Mumbai)
2009 : Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore)
2009 : Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2009 : Mon Art Gallery ( Kolkata)
2009 : Bajaj Art Gallery ( Mumbai)
2009 : Planet Art Gallery (Delhi)
2009 : Art Mall (Delhi)
2009 : Napeansea Studio (Mumbai)
2008 : Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2008 : Gallerie Sejal Encasa (Mumbai)
2008 : D.D. Neroy Gallery (Mumbai)
2008 : Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore)
2007 : Artist Centre Gallery (Mumbai)
2007 : Atelier Art Gallery (Mumbai)
2007 : Kalahita Art Foundation (Hyderabad)
2007 : Hues Art Gallery (Bangalore)
2006 : Chemould Art Gallery (Kolkata)
2004 : Group Show (Dubai)


All India Academy Award (Atul Bose) - 2009 (Kolkata)
Inter University East Zone - First in Painting - 2000
Inter University National - First in Painting - 2001

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