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Artist Name : Paresh Hazra

2 Artworks

Paresh Hazra 28 x 28 Inches

Paresh Hazra 28 x 28 Inches

Paresh Hazra

About the Artist :

Creation has led to a path of change, treading on which the world has come about many cycle of progressions - raising mountains from within seas while sinking land to add to the ever expanding realms of water bodies and breaking of Pangaea leading to the formation of continents. A similar transition is seen even in the evolution of the humankind initiated by natural disasters or the basic adaptation processes.
To constantly create is my only job and the intellectual perquisites that come along are an immense drive for me. I hope to be able to show something new and different every time be it the subject or the medium. I have begun experimenting with film making at this point hoping to reach further depths of human existence. Art is not only for art but it also is a way of life and I aspire to be able to involve more and more people in this endeavor of mine.


Graduated from the Government Art College, Calcutta (First Class) Postgraduate diploma in the teaching of Art in 1980.


1983 – Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore
1984 – Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore
1985 – Alliance Françoise, Bangalore
1989 – Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta
1990 – K C Das, Bangalore
1991 – Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
1991 – The Gallery, Chennai
1992 – Alliance Françoise, Pondicherry
1992 – Young Design, Bangalore
1993 – Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
1993 – Alliance Françoise, Pondicherry
1994 – India International Centre, New Delhi
1995 – Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
1995 – Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1995 – R & B Gallery, Bangalore
1996 – Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
1997 – Alliance Françoise, Bangalore
1997 – Taj Gallery, Mumbai
1998 – Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1998 – Windsor Manor, Bangalore
1999 – Art Chamber, Goa
1999 – Art Today, Delhi
2000 – Right Lines Art Gallery, Bangalore
2000 – Habitat Centre, Delhi
2000 –, Hong Kong
2000 – Art Today, New Delhi
2000 – Crimson Art Gallery, Mumbai
2001 – Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2001 – Windsor Manor, Bangalore
2001 – Taj Hotel, Mumbai
2001 – Art Indus, New Delhi
2002 – Gallery Satya, Mumbai
2002 – Right Lines Art Gallery, Bangalore
2003 – World Fine Art Gallery, New York
2003 – International Art Expo, New York
2003 – Toronto University, Canada
2003 – Paul Getty’s residence, California
2004 – Retrospective by Masters Art Gallery at the Leela Palace Hotel, Bangalore
2005 – Right Lines Art Gallery, Bangalore
2005 – Eight Elephants Gallery, New York
2006 – Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 – Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai
2006 – Right Lines Art Gallery at Welcome Art Gallery, Bangalore
2008- Right Lines Art Gallery at Ista Hotel, Bangalore
2008- Weavers Studio Art Centre, Kolkata
2010- Maya Art Gallery, Bangalore.
2010 - Galerie De’ Arts, Bangalore.
2010 – Gallery Sumukha, Chennai.
2011- Galerie De’ Arts at Taj West End, Bangalore
2012- Rightlines Gallery and 545, Bangalore
2012- Jehnagir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012- Musing from Santiniketan, Gallerie De' Arts, Taj West End, Bangalore
2013- “Lotus & Apple”, Gallery Time & Space, Bangalore
2015- Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore


Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Dubai, Kathmandu, Hong Kong, New York, America, Canada and UK

Krishnamurthy Education Institute, Brookwood, England
Shrishti, Bangalore
Indo-Canadian International School, Bangalore
Oakville School, Ontario, Canada
Lalit Kala Akademi, Karnataka

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