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Artist Name : Raju Durshettiwar

5 Artworks

Raju Durshettiwar 48 x 60 Inches

Raju Durshettiwar 30 x 30 Inches

Raju Durshettiwar 36 x 36 Inches

Raju Durshettiwar 21 x 27 Inches

Raju Durshettiwar 21 x 27 Inches

Raju Durshettiwar

About the Artist :

Defining Space
I find space all around me with its own emptiness and also occupied with interplaying forms. The space with its negative and positive existence interrogates and converse with me. This conversation takes evolution on my canvas and starts defining its own existence.
I am a colorist and color always inspires and ignites me to paint. In my initial time period, I was much influence by the light falls out of the window in the night. To gaze at that interplay of shadow and light was my biggest exploration. It appears with various tones and colors in my work.
During the process, I moved to architectures their formal arrangement with interacting space. It was very fascinating to watch at that. Especially the under construction buildings was my real inspiration rather a subject for my work. The forms, tonal variations with interplay of light and the interacting sky started appearing on my canvas.
I see the objects in terms of its shadow rather than light, it gives finer dark tones, which I loved to express in my works.
Recently I felt I am moving towards emptiness a void space. The space with only tonal gradation and colors, with shadow as interacting forms. This gives me a sense of spiritual silence, where I felt myself void or filled with floating energy, which liberates me from my physical existence.
I like to explore things without words or forms, where the sensation or feeling becomes more valued, which offers me another dimension to my understanding self, that’s the reason I am more into abstraction.


1992 Obtained degree in Fine Art's (B.F.A. Applied Arts) From Nagpur School of Arts
Nagpur University, Nagpur Maharashtra State.
1993 Came to Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai.


Solo Show
2005 Prakrit Arts Gallery, Chennai.
2005 Ananya Art Gallery, Pondicherry.
2005 Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery, Coimbatore.
2007 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 Academy of Fine Arts & Literature, New Delhi, curetted by Prakrit Arts, Chennai.
2010 “ Color Matrix” Sunny Sistems Chennai
2013 Defining Space at Art Houz Gallery, Chennai

Two Person Show
2010 “Wall Speaks” Graffiti show with Ranjan Dey at Prakrit arts Gallery, Chennai
2011 Pratayksha – Paroksha “ Couple Show, at CISFA ki choti Gallery, Nagpur


2008 Ruchika Art Gallery, Goa.
2009 ‘Diverse Phrase’ participated by five artists at K S T Arts Gallery, Coimbatore
2011 Panchatantra participated by five artists at Laburnum & Indigo Galleries at Cholamandal Artists’ village Chennai.


2001 Junior Research Fellowship in Visual Arts - Painting by ministry of Culture, HRD Govt. Of India
2010 Senior Research Fellowship in Visual Arts - Painting by ministry of Culture, HRD Govt. Of India

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