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Artist Name : Ravi Shekhar

7 Artworks

Ravi Shekhar 54 x 36 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 54 x 54 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 12 x 12 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 12 x 12 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 12 x 12 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 12 x 12 Inches

Ravi Shekhar 12 x 12 Inches

Ravi Shekhar

About the Artist :

Ravi Shekhar born and brought up at the bank of River Ganges at Varanasi, also known as Benaras is a sensitive person. Impressions and memories of early childhood at Varanasi, cultural capital of India, could be seen in later part of his work as a cameraman, videographer and off late in his art work in mixed media.
As he narrated his childhood fancies, fears and urge to grow one realizes impact of the historical city must have on him as a creative person. This is a city which over centuries has emerged as a melting pot of divergent sub-cultures of the entire subcontinent where traditional rituals make death and life come together.
His father a school teacher and Sanskrit scholar had tremendous influence on him as he began growing along with his teachers who not only taught subjects in the school but gave in-depth understanding and broader outlook to encompass life. As a student he graduated from Benaras HinduUniversity in 1980s and remained grooved in the rich cultural life of the city which presented numerous visuals to generations of internationally renowned photographers like Raghu Rai & Raghubir Singh. Taking inspiration from these shutterbugs, he developed passion for photography, did a certificate course in photography from the university and even before he finished his course pictures taken by him began appearing in local print media.
In Mumbai, He Joined 'The Illustrated weekly of India' and spent lot of time at India's famous Janhagir Art Gallery, with an urge to grow as an artist.
In 2002, he started making films on the Indian artists. His first film - 'Blur- the Baiju Parthan Show' - was screened at a film festival at Hacienda Art Gallery in 2004. Since then he is actively involved himself in ART. Along with his documentaries on artists, he continued creating his personal work as well.
He learned the craft from the famous artist teacher and friend Mahendra Damle.
'Path to Perception' and 'Art of Drawing' two films came out from his close friendship with Damle. 'Art of Drawing' was screened in Germany with German subtitle on a Tv channel.
-written by Prakash Joshi (Artist, Author & Journalist)


(Benaras Hindu University)


URBAN CHAOS One person show of photographs along with video installation of Dharavi slums by Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt SALZLANDMUSEUM IN SCHÖNEBECK, Museum Germany (September 2012)

MEANINGLESS abstract mix-media works on canvas- Legacy Art
Gallery, Mumbai (March-2006)


ART MART-2014 group show organized by Madhya Pradesh kala parishad along with 40th Khajuraho Dance Festival-2014 in Khajuraho (February-2014)
Group show at Museum Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai (Oct’2011)
Pariticipated in the Artist Camp organized by Bendre Art Foundation with a group show at Suchitra art Gallery along with Andani VG, Sharanu B Alloli, Vijaya Kalyan, Sonalli Iyengar and Padmnabh Bendre (2010)
“BIG BANG” photography show by DRIK INDIA Kolkata (2009)
Artist’s center member’s group show (2004)
Artists’ Center - member’s group show- Mumbai (October 2002)
Umbrella Show- Concern India Foundation- Artists’ Center-Mumbai
(July 2002)
Hacienda Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai (2002)


German scholarship to make a autobiographical film-(2012)
Autobiographical experimental film -US 80 min.) during the 6 month stay in Salzwedel, Germany (April to September-2012) with the stipendium of- Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt And Künstler und Stipendiatenhauses des Altmarkkreises Salzwedel e.V.

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