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Artist Name : Salva Rasool

5 Artworks

Salva Rasool 16 x 16 Inches

Salva Rasool 24 x 36 Inches

Salva Rasool 48 x 36 Inches

Salva Rasool 18 x 33 Inches

Salva Rasool 36 x 36 Inches

Salva Rasool

About the Artist :

Art is an embodiment of our soulful experiences. It is our sensory interpretations coupled with our imaginative exploits, laid bare on a canvas clean, and it is everywhere. Of all the things that inspire me, nature ranks the highest. Where most see what appears - I try to see what is beneath. The results of these introspections are then projected in an abstract form that is pleasing to the eye. My works can therefore be viewed as pages of a dictionary, defining language in universal ways beyond the scope of conventional explanations - conveying a strong message, without limiting its interpretation.


1985 Graduate, Sir J. J. School of Applied Art, Mumbai, India


2015 March ‘ELAHIYA – Divine Words, 2015’ at Cache Art Gallery, Bandra, Mumbai
2013 May ‘SALVA RASOOL’ at Mulla Asghar Memorial Library & Islamic Resource Centre, Ontario, Canada.
2012 Nov ‘ELAHIYA - Divine Words, 2015’ at Nehru Centre Gallery, Worli, Mumbai.
2011 Dec ‘ELAHIYA - Divine Words, 2011’ at Experimental Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
2010 July ‘ELAHIYA - Divine Words, 2010’ at Museum Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.
2008 April / May - Islamic Centre of England, Maida Vale, London. Mahfil Ali - Middlesex, London.
Dar al Tabligh, Northwood, London.


2015 June – ‘Colours of Life’, Viewing Room, Colaba, Mumbai, organized by Cancer Patients Aids Association.

2014 Novenber – ‘Dubai Art Fair’, Dubai.

2014 July – ‘Emaar Pavilion’, Dubai.

2014 July – ‘Emaar Downtown Tent’, Dubai.

2014 June – ‘Street Spirit’, Oxford Street, London.

2014 June – ‘Love Quran’, Porchestor Hall, Bayswater, London.

2014 June – ‘Colours of Ramadhan’, Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, London.

2013 Sept – ‘2nd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art’, Texas, organized by Islamic Art Revival Series.

2013 Jan - ‘India Revisited’ at Le Meridien, Kochi, organized by Mithu Basu, Dolna.

2012 July 30 - 6 August, ‘International Calligraphy Exhibition’, Tehran. Invitation was at the behest of Ministry of Art & Culture, Government of Iran.

2012 Jan - ‘Blessed with Divinity’ at Jamaat Art Gallery, Colaba, Mumbai, organized by Pravina Maclai.

2011 April, ‘A Brush with the Divine’ at the Viewing Room, Colaba, Mumbai, a group show organized by I Am Foundation headed by Sushmita Sen.

2009 August, ‘Allah & Om’ at Tradition Art Gallery, Juhu, Mumbai, organized by Zarine Khan & Bina Aziz.

2006 August, World Trade Centre, Jakarta.

Featured in ‘Jannat - Paradise in Islamic Art’ by Mumtaz Currim. Published by Marg Foundation, 2012.
Featured in ‘Following Muhammed – Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World’ by renowned American scholar Carl W. Ernst. Published by Yoda Press, 2012.
Featured in ‘Muhammed – Biography & Pictorial Guide to the Moral Bases of the Islamic Civilization’. Published by ISRA, Islamic Sciences & Research Academy of Australia, Sept 2012.

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