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Artist Name : Swaroop Biswas

4 Artworks

Swaroop Biswas 24 x 8 Inches

Swaroop Biswas 24 x 8 Inches

Swaroop Biswas 36 x 36 Inches

Swaroop Biswas 36 x 36 Inches

Swaroop Biswas

About the Artist :

Swaroop who did his graduation in Fine Arts from GCA, Lucknow has come a long way in this journey in his pursuit of expressing his deep emotions in the Art form. A journey which he calls ‘rollercoaster’. Swaroop has been inspired by three great artists which he likes to highlight as artists who have had distinct impression on him – Ganesh Pyne, Picasso and Badrinath Arya. But the greatest of his inspirations have been the people and the world around him. He says, “In my works I have explored different facets and sometimes completely different human beings caught in the same body”. He is distinctly intrigued by the myriad of possibilities that are exhibited by the complexities of the human psyche. In his words, ‘this unforgiving world creates immense pressures on the individual mind which in a way manifests in distorting the very basis of the character of the personality and the individual starts creating an illusion around him.’ He has been able to explore infinite number of possibilities of the way this illusion surfaces in the visual presence. This visual presence we know as ‘Mask’ which we know both in the literal form and as well as a metaphor. Swaroop’s idiom is manifested through the theme of Masks which is one of his major themes in the recent times.


Indian College of Arts, Kolkata

College of Arts and Crafts (GCA), Lucknow University

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