About Us

Representing incredible contemporary artists rooted in Indian ethos.

The way forward for Indian artists in this global milieu is to soak into our own idioms, symbols and imagery and contemporize the expression. We have to think local and go global. "I want to push forward artists rooted in Indian ethos and see them fly high when they sit on our Dolna - the swing". Mithu Basu, Founder Dolna said, while in conversation with Subrata Bhowmick - a friend and one among India's leading graphic designers. "Dolna sounds perfect for a name," saying which he began designing the identity. 'My mother- my inspiration, her name was also Dolna, added Mithu. 'That is a stroke of luck, begin with her blessings'. The logo he created captured the persona, passion and purpose of all that Dolna was aspiring to do for the artist community.

Besides a global online gallery for contemporary art, Dolna aims to mobilize exposure and create environments for artists to travel, flourish and grow. For the movement to gain momentum, patronage from corporates, institutions and individuals is the crux. In a world swept with western influences, it is imperative that the idiom and identity of India is spread globally through the gateway of art. Supporting our vision may seem an indulgence and yet people who matter know that art is a great chronicler and crucial to communicating our glorious country to the world at large and the lifeline of its sustenance is patronage.

High Commissioner of Canada Stewart Beck, Founder Dolna Mithu Basu, Ambassador of Ireland Feilim McLaughlin, Ambassador of Span Gustav de Aristegui & The Claridges, New Delhi Regional General Manager Oliver C Martin, seen at the Dolna event ‘Audivaroma’ at Sevilla, The Claridges Hotel, Delhi

To articulate contemporary India through incredible art rooted in Indian ethos.

Aligned with CSR mandates Dolna will advance arts steeped in Indian ethos and widen the horizon for art, artists and audiences.

Mithu Basu
Curator & Founder Dolna:

Prior to her current foray as Artrepreneur she was General Manager, Corporate Communications for close to a decade with The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. Mithu Basu has always been an art lover and a strong advocate for arts. A destined residential stint at Santiniketan (Tagore's venerated art institution) drew her attention to; the wealth of unsung talent, lack of travel and exposure opportunities, the potential of untapped audiences. An artist herself, she was sensitive to understand the value of exposure and opportunities in the growth and development of artists. Convinced to be the change she wanted to see, Mithu founded her innovative art enterprise Dolna. A platform that puts to good use her accrued skills over the years. Networking, writing, communicating, ideating, painting all for the benefit of taking Indian art forward.