Art Buyers FAQs

Q.I am new to art buying, where do I start?
A.To begin with buy small works; they are versatile, cost effective and your collection will soon reflect and help you know your personal taste for art. Alongside visit art galleries and browse art websites get exposed to various styles and mediums of the various artists! Over a period of time, you will develop your own taste and conclusions in appraising an artwork. On the Dolna website, start with the Gallery it showcases works across a wide range of artists, prices, mediums and styles with regular updates

Q.Can you assist in differentiating a good artwork from others?
A.First and foremost, you must like the artwork you want to buy. To assess skill, technique and quality, initially buy from gallery's you trust. Over a period of time and regular exposure you will evolve to be your best judge. The Dolna gallery offers on display a diverse selection of quality art. Art is more than face value. An artwork that invokes an emotion would definitely rate higher than others. A good artwork is usually unique. It will stand out in the crowd without distracting you.

Q.How can I get an artwork appraised, authenticated?
A.All artworks purchased from Dolna are appraised and authenticated.

Q.What kind of artwork does Dolna exhibit?
A.Dolna exhibits carefully selected art that is global, contemporary or traditional, created by eminent, established and high potential emerging artists from across the world who are rooted in Indian ethos.

Q.Does Dolna have a physical gallery location?
A.Dolna does not have a physical gallery location at present. However, we have outreach galleries at select popular venues and plan on having many more such galleries in the future.

Q.How is art priced by Dolna.?
A.Artwork is priced using artist's input and the extensive database of pricing information available with Dolna. Dolna. takes pride in its ability to fairly and accurately price art.

Q.What are the taxes on purchase of art?
A.For domestic orders, VAT of 12.5% will be charged extra. For export orders, there are no taxes.

Q.What are the payment options at Dolna?
A.Dolna accepts online credit card payments, cash, personal cheques, DD's, Net banking and Wire transfers.

Q.What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?
A.If an artwork/ artworks is received in damaged condition, the buyer may claim a refund or a credit note. Proof of damage must be provided before a refund/ credit note is processed. Refunds/ credit notes will only be entertained if proof is provided within 2 days of receipt of the artwork/ artworks. Shipping/handling charges are not refundable.

Q.I have a question not listed here. Who should I contact?
A.Please contact Dolna, either by email or phone: or