Collectors FAQs

Q.Is art an asset class?
A.Worldwide, art is gaining importance as an asset class.

Q.How can I evaluate the monetary value of an artwork, considering there is so much of discrepancy in the prices of artworks?
A.It is difficult to determine the exact monetary value of an artwork since emotions and art have a strong connect. There are, however, basic rules one can follow to arrive at an approximate value.

a. Education: Graduate artist/s from well established art institutions will command a premium over artists who are self taught or from other types of institutions.
b. Artist: A well established artist will command a higher price than an upcoming one.
c. Size: The larger the size of the artwork, the more the price.
d. Medium: Generally, oils command a premium over other mediums.
e. Technique: Unique technique will command a premium over other techniques. Please note, these rules do not apply to every artist. There are exceptions.

Q.Is the artwork on Dolna a financial investment?
A.Dolna encourages passion investment, where art lovers purchase artwork for personal gratification and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial in vestment as the demand for a particular artist and/or piece of artwork grows.

Q.What is the average appreciation on art?
A.Rates of appreciation vary with every artwork/ artist. In some cases. While the value of some will escalate, there may be others without much appreciation.There are risks, as with most investments.

Q.If I want to resell my art, is there any fee? exists as a platform for people to buy and sell original art, we do not charge a fee.

Q.I have a question not listed here. Who should I contact?
A.Please contact Dolna, either by email or phone: or