Exhibitors FAQs

Q.Does Dolna participate in art events?
A.Dolna hosts several unique group shows across India and internationally, as part of its art events calendar.

Q.How do I participate in Dolna’s online exhibitions?
A.Upload the images from your offline exhibition with the name, details, the matic description, participating artists, pricing etc and you have a ready to roll ecommerce enabled online exhibition.

Q.How will I benefit by participating in Dolna’s online exhibitions?
A.You have already put in time, effort and money to put together your exhibition which is for a fixed period of days- 3, 5 or 7 etc. After which the exhibition is over and not accessible to patrons. Dolna would like to boost the reach of your exhibition globally with an online extension of it. First you can have this mentioned in your invitation card for buyers to preview the work and secondly to give it an extended opportunity for sale after the closing dates.

Q.Will the online exhibition impact my pricing?
A.The price in both channels will be the same. However in the online exhibition the same price will include the gallery commission

Q.How long can my exhibition feature online?
A.A maximum of 21 days

Q.Who will manage the inventory and courier of the artwork?
A.The physical artwork will be with the artist and if sold through Dolna the courier will be handled by the artist

Q.I have a question not listed here. Who should I contact?
A.Please contact Dolna, either by email or phone: mithu.basu@dolna.in or info@dolna.in