Collectors - Re-Sell Your Art

Don't relate to certain pieces anymore? Outgrown a few? Shifted to a new home? Just want to sell it? Dolna creates a platform to suit all these reasons and more with an online gallery to resell artwork from your personal collections.

Why re-sell through Dolna?

Dolna is an online platform that take incredible, authentic, original art rooted in Indian ethos to the world. We bring together artists, collectors, art buyers and resellers onto a single powerful platform where you’ll find a great way to benchmark the prices of your art. We promote Dolna very effectively, online and offline to benefit all our partner, artists and re-sellers.

How to re-sell your art on Dolna?

Re-selling your art through Dolna is a simple 5 step process:

1. Register as a Gallerist
2. Login as a Gallerist
3. Photograph your artwork
4. Upload the details of your artwork
5. Once sold, don't forget to send the provenance and authenticity certificate when couriering the artwork,

In the event of a sale, Dolna will charge a commission of 15% of the listed price of the artwork.