Terms & Conditions

By registering and placing an order on www.dolna.in (‘the Website’) you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms and conditions listed below.

Buyer - A registered user who buys artwork from the website.

Artworks - Works of art including but not limited to paintings, drawings, etchings, lithographs, sculptures and objects by the seller and displayed on the website for sale.

Description - Details of the artworks which include but not limited to artist’s name, title, signed artwork, date of artwork, the surface, medium, size dimensions, provenance and any additional information related to the artwork.

1. The Right to Reproduce the Work- This is the right to reproduce, copy, du p licate or transcribe the work in any fixed form. Copyright infringement would occur if someone other than Dolna with the consent of the artist made a copy of the work and resold it.

2. The Right to Derivative Works- This is the right to modify the work to create a new work. A new work that is based upon an existing work is a "derivative work." Copyright infringement would occur here if someone copies any of the work seen here without the consent of Dolna.

3. The Right to Distribution- This is simply the right to distribute the work to the public by sale, rental, lease or lending. The right to distribution of the work seen here rests exclusively with Dolna

4. The Public Display Right- This is the right to show a copy of the work directly to the public by hanging up a copy of the work in a public place, displaying it on a website, putting it on film or transmitting it to the public in any other way. Copyright infringement occurs here if someone other than the copyright holder offers a work for public display